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Our process

We select with diligence, so you can choose with confidence.

Our process

We select with diligence, so you can choose with confidence.

We believe in total transparency and we also believe in looking at a product holistically, from the sourcing of key ingredients, through to manufacturing and packaging.

We want to get to know products that have been designed with true efficacy in mind. Products that are pure, free of nasties and have minimal impact on our planet. Products that can sustain good health and wellbeing.

Evnly's 7-Step
evaluation system

  • 1


    Does the founder(s) have an authentic story and do they have a genuine belief in their products? Do they care about the source of their ingredients and the processes they or their manufacturing partners follow? What are their brand values and their sustainability goals?

    Best Practice

    A genuine founder story with principles based on a clear purpose to promote wellbeing.

  • 2


    We look to see whether farming best practices have been followed, ensuring that pesticides, synthetic fertilisers and GMOs have played no part in the growing process.

    Best Practice

    Organically-certified farm working to GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices).

  • 3

    Extraction process

    We look for evidence that the main ingredients remain as pure as possible once they have been processed, and that best practices are followed.

    Best Practice

    ISO certified extraction facility working to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

  • 4


    We look to see whether GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) has been followed and that we know exactly what’s in the product. We also have a ‘watch list’ of unsavoury ingredients that we check against, such as those used as preservatives, or thickening agents for example.

    Best Practice

    ISO certified manufacturing facility working to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

  • 5


    Without third-party lab certificates from an accredited lab, most products will not be made available on Evnly, as we have not been able to independently verify them. We're also looking for tests carried out for microbiological contaminants mycotoxins, heavy metals, residual solvents and pesticides.

    Best Practice

    Certificate of authentication (COA) for each product (by batch), with tests carried out for the above contaminants and toxins.

  • 6


    We determine the current level of sustainability for the product broken down by component and look to see what percentage is made from recyclable materials, and what elements can be further recycled.

    Best Practice

    Ideally a minimum 50% of packaging is recyclable, biodegradable or made from recycled materials

  • 7


    This is where we test each product ourselves and determine what we like about it, what could be improved, and the overall experience.

    We also give certain products to Evnly Brand Ambassadors to try and compare, so they can share their own experiences with the community.

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